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Category: Gender

Help Prevent Sexual Violence in Haiti

Help Prevent Sexual Violence in Haiti

[ 0 ] April 18, 2015

What is Forrest up to Now?! Just outside Port-au-Prince, Haiti, the Institute for Social Work trains undergraduate and graduate Haitian Social Workers to provide much needed social services & leadership in their home communities. With your help we can all work together to prevent sexual violence. This June, I will travel to Port-au-Prince to help develop a new […]

U.S. State Department International Visitor Leadership Program Delegation from Pakistan

Inspirational Violence Prevention Work in Pakistan

[ 0 ] December 1, 2013

I recently had the pleasure of spending a morning with a delegation of eight men and women from various parts of Pakistan all involved in government or NGO sexual violence prevention, victim support or perpetrator intervention programs in their communities. They and their organizations support survivors of acid attacks, incest and forced marriages; they provide […]

GOP: Homophobic. Anti-victim. Racist. Elitist.

[ 0 ] May 4, 2012

“That’s what some of the nation’s most prominent women’s groups think of the House Republican version of the Violence Against Women Act.”

100 Republican Legislators Join Democrats to Support Gay Marriage in NH!

[ 0 ] March 22, 2012

Here in NH we can be proud of our Republican controlled House for supporting civil rights……

Contraception for None

[ 0 ] February 8, 2012

It’s not that they are being forced to give women birth control that bother religious institutions because they are not. They can just quit offering employees insurance (and they’ll eventually simply get Obamacare). No, the real issue is that they don’t want the women under their control to even be able to get birth control. […]

Corporate Psychopaths

[ 0 ] January 22, 2012

Nine-Eleven-Eleven: Are the Chickens Still Roosting?

[ 8 ] September 2, 2011

by Forrest Seymour The unexpected destruction of Hurricane Irene shocked us all here in northern New England. Mud rivers washing through main streets. Homes and businesses floating away. And, as people do in times of trouble, generosity abounds. In adversity, we feel our brotherhood. It’s what we humans do. Or, sometimes do. In advance […]

Beaches, Budgets & Casey Anthony

[ 0 ] July 27, 2011

A brisk wind comes coolly off the Atlantic tempering the record heat.  Umbrellas and beach chairs litter the shore.  Sunblock scents the breeze.  Children shriek as blue waves rumble down the white sand.  It’s summer on Cape Cod. For over a decade we’ve camped out each July a quarter mile from this National Sea Shore […]

Like I said, just because she lied does not mean he didn’t do it.

[ 0 ] July 6, 2011

Before You Judge Strauss-Kahn’s Accuser, Stand in Her Shoes – REVELATIONS about the hotel housekeeper who accused Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexual assault suggest that she embellished claims of abuse to receive asylum, fudged her tax returns, had ties to people with criminal backgrounds, had unexplained deposits in her bank account and changed the account […]

Paycheck Fairness Dies in the Senate | The Nation

Paycheck Fairness Dies in the Senate | The Nation

[ 0 ] January 18, 2011

Women fell two votes short on Wednesday to coming closer to getting paid the same as men for the same work. Senate Republicans decided that equal pay for women should not even be considered, as they blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act from moving to the floor. The bill, which will not be brought up again […]